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Stacy Harper

Meet Stacy Harper known as “LIFE”, a resilient woman who faced the challenges of battling breast cancer during the difficult times of the COVID pandemic. Throughout her journey, she found solace in her plant-based lifestyle, which not only nurtured her body but also provided a sense of hope and healing. Inspired by the positivity and compassion of vegan influencer Tabitha Brown, Stacy teamed up with a talented BBQ chef to co-create "The LIFE Menu." This special plant-based menu is a reflection of Stacy’s journey, featuring flavorful and nutritious dishes that symbolize her strength and triumph.


What makes it even more meaningful is that $5.00 of the proceeds from every purchase on The LIFE Menu goes directly to the  LIFE Cycle Project, which is housed under a local non-profit organization Light House Solutions.  This initiative aims to fight period poverty, educate people about stress and hormonal management, mammogram screenings and provide necessary support to those in need. Through their collaboration, Stacy and Chef Nate are not only sharing delicious plant-based cuisine but also making a powerful impact on the lives of others, spreading love and compassion one meal at a time.

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